Video records puzzling object in Warrnambool sky, 01-14-06
January 17, 2006-By MATT NEAL

A WARRNAMBOOL man is searching for answers after filming an unidentified flying object on Saturday.

Robert Johnson said he was at his Botanic Road home when one of the family pets started acting strangely.

``The cockatoo was going off its head,'' he said.

``Then my daughter spotted it (and) she said `there's something freaky in the air'.''

Mr Johnson grabbed his video camera and shot about 20 minutes of footage as the object moved in a steady northerly direction.

While the footage is unfocused at times, it shows a strange shape in the sky over north Warrnambool.

``I can't make sense of it,'' he said.

``I've never seen anything like it in my life.

``I rang a few friends and they thought I was going loony. ``I just wanna know what it is whether the air force can identify it.''

Mr Johnson said he believed he and his family were the only ones to see the UFO. He said the object was moving slowly and very large, prompting him to think at first it might be a hot-air balloon.

Mr Johnson said it was not his first UFO encounter a fast-moving light stopped over his car before flying off one night on a drive home from Portland.

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