Crop circle in West Asheville
UFO Alien link to crop circles in West Asheville?


published May 30, 2007 12:15 am

WEST ASHEVILLE — The work of pranksters, or an alien landing zone?

The 100-foot interlocking circles that mysteriously appeared in a hayfield this weekend have local residents trying to answer that question. The crop circle, near the intersection of Huffman and Oak Crest drives, is about 100 feet long and half that wide.

Rick Hawkins, 28, who lives nearby, favors an extraterrestrial explanation. He saw bright lights overhead Saturday night and initially assumed it was a plane.

“But now I don’t know,” he said Tuesday, examining the mashed grass. “This is freak city, after all.”

Asheville police Capt. Tim Splain said the department has had no reports of unusual activity. The property owner is deceased.

“With all that detail, it probably would have to be some kind of extraterrestrial intervention — it absolutely could not be human,” Splain joked, adding that most crop circles in the U.S. have been debunked as the work of humans, not space creatures.

Fairview resident Lindy Tucker, the local representative of the Independent Crop Circle Researchers Association, said her organization investigated the site Tuesday afternoon. Early evidence suggests a human culprit, although Tucker emphasized she hasn’t filed a final report yet.

“We took some electromagnetic readings and plant samples, but it doesn’t look very promising,” she said. “We found evidence of a lot of broken grass there.”

Allene Herron, 84, who’s lived in the area all her life, said she noticed no unusual activity in the field behind her house.

“It could’ve happened, though,” she said of the spaceship theory. “I don’t know. We stay in the house most of the time.”

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