Unknown Object Caught on Video over Westborough, Massachusetts
Attached is a UFO I videotaped from my front yard. It’s a daylight sighting. Look closely, between the power lines over the street, when the water truck drives towards the power lines. Clearly, a bright, starlight object appears. (Starts at 2 seconds, into the video.)

The object moves in to the right, then up and down. Then, disappears. I watched that video over fifty times. That object is not of our world. The video was taken in June 2007. I didn't want to submit it until I was sure that it wasn't a reflection from my Sony DCR-SR 40 video camera. It is NOT a reflection from my lens. Enjoy the video!

K. S.

Westborough, MA.

Download Windows Video-1.8 MB-1.29

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Video Film © K. S.

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