Unknown Flying Object photographed over West Eugene, Oregon, 09-17-05

I videoed this object 9-17-05 @ 8:45pm.

It was spiraling like a sparkler on a wheel way out W.Eugene, you can see it do that on video. Maybe 35- 40% horizon. I was using a Sony ccd trv 318 camcorder, High-8. I put it on VHS tape, played it and used slow motion to capture this frame, it's not blurred. This is actually the 2nd sighting in 2 minutes.

I was about to go back inside when a purple flash about the size of an umbrella caught my attention, about 300 yards out from my position. The flash imploded to a small red, orange orb and fell toward the ground with streak. I started videoing out that way in case something showed up. I saw it way out in the distance more north, and used my 560 digital to focus on it. I videoed it changing from red orange to white, and shape.

It went into 2-3 small orb parts, is I guess how to explain it. It followed the circumference of a disk before it disappeared. That was way out in West Eugene, so the focus could of focused on something that was 40 ft. in circumference for all I know. It really disappeared, you can see it disappeared. Then about 2 minutes later, this object showed up, about where the first one showed up at.

Looked like a sparkler on a wheel. (my apartment is 12 stories, and I was on the roof garden checking out the skyline) I videoed it for about 50 seconds before I lost sight of it. The first sighting was videoed about 49 seconds or so before it disappeared. I know what a helicopter looks like, jets, etc...this isn't that. Thanks for your website,

Former Marine Sgt. (Grunt, '72-'76) Ken S J

Video will presented here at a later date.

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