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I was checking out the sky line at night on the 17th of September, 05, about 8:45 PM. I can see way out W. Eugene from the roof of my tall building. It was a clear night, I was about to go back inside, packing up my tripod and Sony Hi-8 TRV- 318 camcorder, when i just happened to look out west again and saw a large, purple, circular flash.

It was a dark purple, but I could see it. It had patterns in it like a knit doily. It flashed, large, about 200 or so yards from where i was. Then imploded to a small purple orb, fell towards the ground with a streak. So I got my camcorder ready in case something showed up. Then out west I could see a small orange, red orb about %40 horizon.

It was flying due north, it changed shape and color. Then as you can see in the video, it parted into 3-4 small orbs and disappeared. Does it look like it followed the circumference of a disc as it disappeared?

It's way out there, I have a 560 digital focus. After about 2 minutes, another UFO showed up. It was spiraling like a sparkler on a wheel, i could see it doing that w/ out using the video camera.

So videoed what I could of it, then lost sight of it. I think it may have landed out in the field by the towers. There is some lens flare in both the objects, but you can see when it has a good focus.

Thank you,

Former U.S. Marine Sgt. Ken St.J.

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