POLAND: Photo of Disc from Wloclawek [1988]
Jan B. told about his observations of unidentified flying objects. He even managed to take a photo of one disc in 1988.

The first sighting witnessed by Mr. Jan B. took place in summer 1988. In early afternoon, Jan B. was with his cousin in a room and then his son appeared screaming about falling star. When they went out all of them saw a hovering disc located about 300 meters away. The UFO was reflecting sunbeams and was as if flashing. Jan B. went for his camera and two other witnesses were observing it with binoculars.

As Jan B. said, he wasn't able to take a good photo for the first time. After setting his camera [Zenit TTL] he captured the disc. The witness then went in search for telephoto lens and when he was about to set it to the camera, the craft shot up with amazing speed and after a moment it vanished over the horizon.

Jan B. stated that he couldn't hear any sounds during the sighting. Observing the object with binoculars they noticed that it was rotating with height speed what gave a sparkling impression. Moreover the object was slightly swaying as if was suspended on an invisible thread.

The late aunt of Mr. Jan's wife told that she had seen some huge and twinkling object in that place but other details aren't available.

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