The Worlds Best UFO Cases, by Dwight Connelly
UFO written by Art Champoux

In my world UFOs are common place. From my visitors when I was about 5 years old right up to my age now of 59. In my personal library in my office I have about 275 books on the paranormal. 90% of them are on UFOs. You name an author and I have it. From Carlos Alende to Zoraster. I have worked in the UFO field from about 1963 to the present. I have helped John Keel, Ray Fowler, Walt Webb and have dealt with names that are also common place and others who work behind the scenes. I have a vast knowledge of field work and also people work. I also am a hypnotist and know how to do guided imagery. But this is not about me. It is about Dwight Connelly and his book The Best UFO CASES.

This book is the best in its class. Why? Because it has the cases that has the best evidence that can not be explained away by any known means. From ancient pictures and manuscripts to the latest scientific findings of marks on bodies and other related phenomena. Dwight writes about cases from the best of the best UFO researchers in the world. The list is too long to mention here but I can assure you that in this book you get the best of the best.

Dwight leaves no subject unturned. Abduction cases on Video tape, animal mutilation cases, multiple witness cases and very strong cases where both flora and fauna have remarkable evidence of intervention by another source outside of our own intelligence.

Why this review? Because behind the smoke and mirrors of the TV shows about the UFO problem there is a core of cases that can not be explained away. Dwight hits the head on the best cases with more physical evidence proving, in my mind, the reality of the oldest enigma of mankind. There are some authors who believe in the unconscious mind that it is universal to mankind, where things can be created and that in that state of mind we believe that is true.

The old adage of the psychologist is what the mind conceives the mind believes. But not in this book. This book brings with it hard evidence. From the Betty and Barney Hill Abduction to the fascinating first hand accounts of people watching lights from the sky creating crop circles not more then 50 yards away.

I knew Betty Hill. I talked with her over the years as I lived in Portsmouth NH for over 25 years. I investigated cases that involved the military and military cover ups. Dwight is one who I feel gets down to the meat and potatoes of UFO research.

You will be enthralled with the abduction cases. You will be amazed with the pictures and drawings and many testimonies with the people, doctors who diagnosed the physical evidence that was extremely and positively impossible for a person to create. If you want to know the TRUTH of the latest evidence that no debunker can explain away, this book is the one to buy.

I myself have held many secrets and other things that have happened to me in my life that confirms what others have experienced to them in this book. Dwight Connelly is a professional. All his years in Ufology and the people he has met and known and the inside shakers and movers that are the best of the best in the UFO community give him an insight and perspective that only a handful of ufologists know about .

He has talked with, researched with and done his exhausted research in one book that should be considered the BEST of The BEST book on unexplained cases on the market today. For $9.95 there is no better book out there on unexplained cases ANY WHERE!!!! If you are interested in UFOS...You must buy this book! If you are not a member of MUFON, WHY NOT?...Join ASAP!!

Dwight is the editor of the MUFON UFO Journal and as an email friend he is one of the best I have. A UFO researcher, a UFO investigator and one of the first men to take the UFO enigma seriously since the 1950's....Dwight is all of that. Who knows who Carol Lorenzen was? She was head of APRO!

So if you are a new UFO investigator, or even a seasoned one you will come to a new meaning of what it's like to truly separate the wheat from the chaff of UFO cases. I read the whole book in actually about 3 hours. I could not put it down. It will question what you know. It will challenge your mind and change your reality of your world and your cosmic place in the universe. Get this book as soon as possible. You will be glad you did.

(Art Champoux)

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