The Yaldhurst UFO Photographed
Dairy Thursday May 11-Yaldhurst UFO

Here it is folks, a world exclusive. Following Juliet's sighting of what has been dubbed the "Yaldhurst UFO" other reports have been flooding in, including this picture from real estate agent Grant.

Grant reports hearing a bang the same afternoon and then took this picture which, to Peeps's eye at least, looks remarkably like a Zyborg V Intergalactic Shuttle containing 1200 shapeshifters from the Seventeenth Dimension.

Grant, who says he is "not into UFOs or anything", is nevertheless at a loss to explain what it is.

Meanwhile, Barb of Bishopdale sent in this eyewitness account.

"I was driving round the back of Harewood, on Friday afternoon, and saw a black line in the sky which gradually grew longer and then formed into a circle, which was growing in size. As I was approaching Ruapuna it started to do a dance - I gather the wind had got stronger up there - and then it disappeared behind some very thick, black clouds.

There was a plane coming in to land as this was happening. I wonder if the passengers saw anything.

I didn't see anything driving home; I was thankful to read Juliet's letter, because I was beginning to think I must have been seeing things."

Curiosa and curiosa, as a Burwood pensioner might have said.

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