My Years with MUFON
UFO With my NICAP and APRO gone there was now a new kid on the block...MUFON. I joined that, took the I believe was a written test and a sample questionnaire and UFO class I had to pass. Since I had been doing it for years it was a snap. But MUFON was a little different.Not much but a little different. I was doing some research and once in a while a few cases.

One that was very intriguing was where a man and his wife saw, video taped, and took photos of a UFO surrounded by military aircraft in Florida. They lived in NH and were visiting relatives. The craft was out doing things that AF planes could not. It would slow down to let the planes surround it then pull straight up or down and the AF planes would go around in circles trying to get it to land. All this on video and photos!!!!!

But the kicker was this: With the photos and videos in Florida this couple lived in NH in the town next to where I live. Well the couple came back to NH. with the videos and photos. One day 2 Air Force officers came to the house (how did they know who took the pics and videos, and how did they know where they lived) as all pics and tapes were taken in FLA!!!!!!!

The AF officers demanded the tapes and photos! The people told them they had none. So the AF officers broke open closets, turned over furniture and broke open cabinets and finally after about an hour found what they wanted and told the people they were coming back to look for some more. They found out about MUFON and the State director. He assigned the case to me to find out who without a warrant broke into the house, stole private property and threatened them if they did not give them the rest they could be arrested for concealing classified documents and photosl!!!!!!

But they were private property and these men had no warrant or legal documents for search or seizure. I was given a general description of the cars, color and they had government plates. That was all I had to go on. So with make, model and color I started my search.

My son and I decided to look and/or follow any cars matching the description. I, working part time as a cab driver picked up military personnel and other people at the tower and other places on the base as well as plain AFB officers and their wives etc. As well as commercial flights going in and out of the AFB. At one spot as I waited for a plane to arrive I spotted a car matching the description, noted where the make, model and government plate

I told the cab office I had to find a rest room and be right back. I followed the car to an AF recruiting office!!!!! I stayed around the corner in a K-MART parking area as the car had to come back through there as the recruiting office was clustered in back of the K-MART, College and other office building

. After I got out of work I asked my boy to drive my car to where the office was. We did what I call a James Bond. He drove about between 7-8 PM and before it was dark I took pictures of all the cars with the corresponding license plates. I was told that one of these cars was one of the cars that harassed the people with the videos and pictures. The license plate matched. So now to find the person involved!!!!

So the next day I took my son's car and went into the office to ask if I could get some info for my boy to join the Air force. I had a hidden tape recorder and small notebook in my pocket. As the officer went to get the papers I wrote down three names of personnel that worked in that office. When he came back I asked him who my son should ask to see. Then I asked about ABC officer or DEF officer or the one that I was talking to. He told me to come in Sat as that was the day he was working. I told him OK. Now I had the names in writing, and on audio tape!!!!!!

Again as a cab driver I had access to park most anywhere waiting for a call. So I could go to the college, K-mart etc. One day I went by the AFB recruiting office. The man I had talked to was getting into his car. I drove around the building and parked in the K-Mart parking lot waiting for the AFB car to come out. About 5 minutes later it did. I followed in close proximity to it but not close enough to be tailing him. He was headed to the next town up where the people lived.!!!!

So now I passed him and went beyond him. He went into the next town and I watched him go into the house where the "harassment" occurred, or so I thought. I waited around the corner until he went into the house. Then I took down the number of the house. The next day I was off duty so I went to the city hall and told them I was from out of town and told them I had a friend that lived on XY street but I did not know if it was 7, 9 or 11; could they tell me who lived in each house?

Where it was a public record they told me who lived where. The house he went into was the couple's house which they destroyed to obtain the videos and photos. I took the plate number down and matched it up with previous photos I had taken. Sure enough I had the AF recruiter's name and car he was driving when he went in and destroyed the house with other officers without a warrant!!!!!

With this information I drove up to the house where the State Director of MUFON lived and dropped off a folder with all this information in his mail box. I called him that night asking him if he got it. He said "YES". But to this day he will deny he ever got, or knows who did it as the "investigator" never found out who!!!!!!!!...I wanted to drop out of MUFON...but I did not.

I stayed on. At a local meeting I asked why he did not report it. He said it was too "sensitive." So MUFON home office never found out about it until last week. And it happened in or around the mid 90s.

The killer was when this STATE director asked me to investigate a sightings of a UFO that appeared to land on an apt building, as a man saw it "land" on the roof. When the state director told me which apt building it was...I was taken back...I told him that was MY BUILDING. And I lived on the top floor. He did not know that!!!!

Then he told me to drop it. But he never turned the case in to MUFON, or asked anybody else to investigate it. Two strange things happened....That week I had scratches on my back that started on my chest and ended on my shoulders over my back and ended there on my back where I could have not possibly done it myself. Also within a week I developed boils around my whole groin area, starting under my testicles around the underside of my navel and ending up under my testicles. I went to the Dr about them. He told to me to get some boil ointment and put on for about a week. They took about a month to go away and never have came back...that was about 10 years ago.

Now the state director will not answer my calls, my emails, or have anything to do with me nor let anybody come out to take my story or talk to my doctor. He has written me off for all / any investigations permanently. I recently told a higher up in MUFON about this...and he told me this man never reported it to them. I even sent the State Director a letter from my doctor which no one has ever seen.

I want to add to my last column on the Photo "stealing" by the US Air Force personnel that MUFON as an international organization is doing a high class job. The front office people, and the higher ups and the people running this organization are top class people. I give my hats off to some of the higher ups and people I now deal with through the Internet.

The organization has supported me and my efforts and have helped me tremendously.

I support MUFON's efforts and still investigate sightings and other things as they give it to me. They are the best of the best. But as in most organizations it only takes one person to give a bad connotation of any organization. As a whole MUFON is the best out there with their array of first class investigators, leaders and higher ups.

I endorse their efforts and I am proud to be a member of their high class organization. And I will continue to serve as an investigator as long as they will let me.

Let me add in to this mystery; I lived in Portsmouth NH, where Pease AFB was located for about 24+ years. There I had many cases of low level UFO sightings and flybys. Not 5 miles away before man had flight in 1904, 2 Naval ship yard officers shot at a metal flying object and heard the ping of the bullets on the metal objects. In 1965 just before the black out of November, all Public Service(electric service) trucks were servicing the lines and poles around the SAC base.

The day they completed all tests and checked all the lines was the day before the Blackout. I investigated that for John Fuller. But he died before the book was published. Interestingly enough I was investigating a case of a UFO that hovered over a local cemetery the week before. Within that summer of 65 there was a lot of UFO activity from the Mass border and into NH. (Ref: Ray Fowler)

I then lived in Newburyport Mass at that time but was racing into Portsmouth NH, Haverhill Mass and into the whole Seacoast area of Salisbury, Mass, NBPT Mass and the adjoining areas of Rye NH, Seabrook NH and Portsmouth NH also. I could not keep up with the sightings.

Living in Portsmouth from 1975 until 1999 I served other UFO groups and joined MUFON also. Cattle mutilations occurred, some UFOs appeared over Pease and the whole Seacoast area. IN 1999 I moved to Dover NH. I got into this Trailer Park I now am living in. A friend got helped me get a spot for my new mobile home where I currently live. 2 years ago he passed away. But three years ago John, my friend who lived about 10 trailers down, woke me about 4-5 am. He was excited!

He told me to look out my window. The whole park was bathed in a bright, orange-yellow light. We both thought it was a fire and John called the fire dept(to the best of my knowledge, at least that is what he told me). I ran out into the street and John did also. we saw no flames but our shirts and pants were glowing with the strange eerie lights. All the houses and cars glowed this mysterious color.

No fire trucks came but the colors of orange and yellow flared up and our watches were like a Ferris wheel in moving. Both hands of the watch were revolving at the same pace. The light brightened to an intense light then went out like a light bulb.

As morning was approaching I called the Dover fire dept and asked if they had any calls of a fire in our immediate area. They told me they could not talk about it. I asked why? they told me it was not a fire so relax, I asked what it was and they would not tell me and to this day there are no reports any where to what happened.

On a secondary note The police and the Fire dept told me to drop the questions as they could not nor would not reply. John told me he thought, "my friends," returned as he knew I was a UFO investigator. I reported this to the State MUFON director. He told me to forget it as it was not ,"important."

New investigation: About 3 years ago, 2003, I got a story of a UFO hovering near a river about 5 miles from where I live. It was in the fall and about 5 PM as it was about sunset. The UFO was hovering and swaying back and forth like a church bell as it rung and was changing colors. Now this was from a friend of mine who knew the person who saw it. He gave me the number and I met the man. He showed me the bridge he was on when the object hovered over the wide river. It swayed over the river like a pendulum and then brightened up and flew over his car as he was stopped and looking at it. The object,with no noise, floated down and the man tried to drive away but his battery sounded like it was dying. He described it as a "football" with multi colored lights with no windows.

The object rose up vertically with no sound and took off. The time from beginnig to end was about 10 minutes. But when he got home it was about an hour late! I took all the info and told him I would get back to him.

The next day I started the investigation. I stopped at a car parts store that was near by, identified myself and asked him if he saw anything. He told me ,"NO" but he told me that about one night at about 5 PM all his light went out in the store and then came on about 10 minutes later.He checked the circuit breaker box and it was Ok and he called his wife who lived about 1/2 mile away and she told him the lights died and then came on. She went to the circuit breaker box was ok also.

Well I knocked on doors and showed my ID but no one would talk to me. Another person answered the door saw my ID and told me that,"I ain't saying nothing. I heard and read what happens when some one starts talking about them UFOS things that fly around here." I asked him about what things that fly around here.?" He shut the door on me Now if you follow this river about 5 miles south it goes by the Pease International Trade Port (the old PEASE AIR FORCE BASE In NH that use to be a SAC base and even though the AFB has been closed for about 15 or so years now still has in storage areas the nukes that can be used in an emergency...

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