UFO Photographed over Youngwood, Pennsylvania 01-03-07
Youngwood-Researcher: Stan Gordon reports, "On the evening of January 3, 2007, something unusual was observed in the sky by three people traveling in a vehicle in Westmoreland County. The witnesses never officially reported their experience. Soon after the sighting, the witnesses were having dinner with a local businessman. During their conversation, they mentioned their sighting. They also showed the man the photo of the object which had been taken on their cell phone camera. The businessman suggested that they talk with me about what they had observed. I was put in touch with the family and conducted a detailed interview."

The observation had taken place at 8:58 PM, as indicated on the cell phone camera near Youngwood, when they observed a brilliant luminous object in the sky which appeared to be hovering or moving very slowly. One witness described the object as a diamond shaped, or "oval shaped with a hump at the top and bottom." The area around the object glowed, also. The object was many times brighter and larger than any stars that were also visible on that clear night.

The wife said, "What the hell is that light? Why is it so low?" The wife noticed the moon off to her left, which looked much different than the object. At one point they stopped their car to take a better look at the object, where it then appeared to be stationary. They drove on to a new location with a clear view where they again stopped their vehicle, lowered the driver's side window, and took a picture with their new cell phone camera which they switched into a "night mode" setting.

The wife checked the camera phone to see if the image had been captured. When she looked back seconds later to see the object, it was no longer visible. The object had suddenly disappeared from sight after 3-4 minutes total. Researcher Jim Brown examined the photo using a method called pixel weight scan. Using this process, he was not able to detect any red or green lights commonly associated with aircraft.

Another UFO incident involving a similar shaped object, and still under investigation, occurred in Indiana County on December 12, 2006. That incident involved a large silent diamond shaped object flying low and was following the power lines The object eventually passed directly over a car.

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